April 10, 2008

Nothing like making them earn it.

The Cubs went through their second consecutive extra-inning affair with the Pirates, with a 15-inning marathon last night. All I know is for the health of Cubs fans everywhere, it better not be this tough the whole season.

I heard Pat Hughes on WGN-Radio say that Mark DeRosa remarked on the team bus to no one in particular, as he strode down the middle aisle, “This game will test you.”

Test you, indeed.

You had to feel good–and bad–for starter Ryan Dempster, who threw seven immaculate innings, giving up no runs and only one hit. When I saw “Demp” in spring training, I was confident not only was he going to win the No. 3 slot in the rotation, but he was going to succeed. He was in phenomenal shape after working his you-know-what off this off-season.

Of course, Demp could feel for Kerry Wood, who blew the save and Demp’s win, when he served up a ninth-inning game-tying bomb to Pirates outfielder Jason Bay. Having been on the other end of the stick more times than he would’ve liked, Demp probably wasn’t feeling too blue he didn’t get the win; We’re all just happy the Cubs got it in the end.

You know what bugged me so much about last night’s game? It wasn’t that Carlos Marmol gave up a run in the eighth. It wasn’t Felix Pie’s Size-3 collar up until he drove in the winning run in the 15th. It wasn’t Wood’s blown save.

It was the blasted parrot! That Pirates mascot was low class. For a majority of the game, including the extra frames, “The Pirate Parrot” would stand behind home plate doing gyrating wildly. I understand that’s his job–get the goat of the opposing pitcher. But when those gyrations turn into pelvic thrusts that look a little suspect, I wonder about what people are thinking while watching the game. It was crass, in bad taste and poor judgement. He left for a couple of innings, then returned not in Pirates colors, but pajamas, considering how late the game was going. I thought that was a bit more clever. Even the phone is a nice commentary on the fools who continually wave in the front row.

Hey, it’s a mascot. I understand; the Cubs don’t even have one. But c’mon, let’s see Pirates Parrot come up with some more original moves than that pelvic thrust…except flipping us the bird.

Michael Huang


I agree about the parrot. I can’t stand mascots in general, and am glad the Cubs don’t have one. I don’t know why it’s acceptable for mascots to try to distract the pitcher. In this case, I think it may have gotten the job done. It was doing the pelvic thrust thing both times Wood and Howry gave up the tying runs.

I’m glad all’s well that ends well and we got the sweep. Go Cubs!

I just think that big league club, should offer big-league entertainment. Pirate Parrot’s antics were somewhat bush league–something you’d see at some 5000-person capacity A-ball park.

mascots are retarded

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