Roster move

Eric_Patterson.JPGThe team just announced moments ago that Alfonso Soriano has been placed on the 15-day disabled list with a right calf strain. He suffered the injury in the first inning of last night’s game, landing gingerly after his signature hop to catch a flyball.

To replace Soriano, infielder/outfielder Eric Patterson has been recalled from Triple-A Iowa. Patterson, younger brother of Corey, has caught the eye of many in the organization because of his versatility and ability to leadoff. He has speed (24 SB/9 CS in AAA last year) and patience (54 BB/85 K in 128 games).

Check back later for the first starting lineup without Soriano.


Hmmm…no Matt Murton? Interesting.

Patterson is more versatile in the field, being able to play all three outfield positions, as well as seond base.

Murton has no extra base hits at Triple-A Iowa, which is all the more glaring that he didn’t hit with power during spring training. He’s been used in RBI positions, but hasn’t produced.

Patterson simply remains consistent with Lou Piniella’s philosophy of having versatile players. He can’t hit any worse than Pie, and could hit at least the same if not better than Murton. Best of all, Patterson has speed.

I like the Patterson call up for several reasons….
1. He can PLAY left field. I love Mark DeRosa…as an infielder, not an outfielder. That ball that ended up in the left field bleachers last night was horribly played by Mark. Let me reiterate, I LOVE MARK DeROSA, he’s one of my favoite Cubs, but all the versatility and heart in the world can’t help him judge a fly ball in left field when the wind is blowing at Wrigley.

2. He’s fast. I saw a stat a last week that the Cubs are leading the National League in SBs. This won’t hurt that stat.

3. It might light a fire under Pie to listen to Gerald about shortening up his swing. If Patterson comes up and hits well, Pie will be forced to stop swinging like Aramis and start swinging like Theriot.

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