The Windy, and Chilly, City

Apparently the one day of 80-degree weather that the Dodgers brought with them won’t last the series: It’s been in the 40s all day today with a blustery 20 mph wind blowing in.

If yesterday’s weather played host to a well-played 3-1 game, I’m wondering what these unfriendly conditions will produce. Let’s hope it’s a nine-inning Cubs win. …

Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda will be singing the stretch today. He’s previously sang it in 1999, 2002, ’03, ’05 and ’06. …

The Dodgers requested early batting practice today, and they could be seen setting up the field and walking to the rightfield batting cage around 1 p.m. this afternoon. …

The “Friendly Confines” feel that much friendlier with an overflow media packing the home and visitor’s clubhouses. Some dozen-and-a-half Japanese media outlets are expected at tonight’s game to cover the Kosuke Fukudome vs. Hiroki Kuroda matchup.

It’s a fascinating experience seeing how the Japanese media covers these stars on a daily basis. Though they primarily follow around the Japanese players, they also will ask coaches and teammates laregely about these players’ performances.

Today’s Lineup

The middle infielders — Ryan Theriot and Mark DeRosa — are getting a rest today, and Jim Edmonds, fresh off his first hit in 14 at-bats, has been moved up in the order.

Soriano, LF
Fontenot, 2B

Lee, 1B

Ramirez, 3B

Fukudome, RF

Edmonds, CF

Soto, C

Cedeno, SS

Gallagher, RHP

Right-hander Kuroda (2-3, 3.48 ERA) takes the mound today. He throws pretty hard and has been a great pickup for the Dodgers so far this season.

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