Ozzie is Ozzie

As competitive as fans can be over the series, many of the players, coaches and field staff relish the Crosstown Series as a reunion. Ozzie was on one of his trademark rants this afternoon when he suddenly switched topics.

“And you know what? I’m a better rapper than Piniella, too!”

Like that, Ozzie walked straight to the Cubs dugout to go after Lou, with everyone scurrying along to hear what he could possibly have to say to his manager.

Instead of going for “hello,” Ozzie grabbed on to Lou’s ears and cap to get his attention, and the two had friendly conversation in English and Spanish for a minute.

Not one to drop a topic, Ozzie later said if he could take one person from the other dugout, he would take Lou. “To be your bench coach?” he was asked. “No, to be my manager!”

Crosstown influence

I didn’t escape Ozzie’s wrath, either. See, before returning to Vine Line, I worked with the Sox this spring and learned a lot from the manager about the importance of personality and competitive fire.

So while talking about how nice the flat, redone field looks — and pointing out that White Sox groundskeeper Roger Bossard shared his knowledge and hands for the reconstruction — he made sure to shame me for being White Sox-trained, as well.

But for the record, I’m wearing blue today.

— Sean Ahmed

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