Sunday, Sunday

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11:50 AM Sunday–Yankee Stadium

Ever feel like a seagull?
Well, I don’t mean bobbing about in Lake Michigan or the Hudson River. I mean sitting perched high atop Yankee Stadium in the auxiliary press box. I find myself smashed between Forbes and Newsweek. High flalutin’ company indeed. Just didn’t think I’d have to be 200 feet up to do it.
But all kidding aside even on a Sunday morning in the Bronx there’s a bit of a sleepy excitement around the two parks. I say two because right next to the stadium is the NEW Yankee Stadium. Even in its partially constructed state, you can see the majesty of it already taking shape. The bleached concrete and white-painted steel gives the aura of Doric columns harking back to ancient Greece. Indeed, amid the urban grittiness of the Bronx, Yankee Stadium stands much like a city-state such as Athens or Sparta.
Well, today’s warriors are from the United States and countries from around the World. Major League Baseball’s annual Futures Game has increased in popularity every year. It seems more and more baseball fans are becoming enamored by stars of tomorrow as much as those of today.
Down on the field, I chatted with Will Lingo of Baseball America and Alan Schwarz of the New York Times, formerly of Baseball America. Alan, if Vine Line fans reach back into the early 90’s, used to write for VIne Line. He laughed because he was just discussing Vine Line with an interviewee–former Cub Matt Walbeck, now a minor-league manager in the Tigers organization. Walbeck was Alan’s first subject for Vine Line when Walbeck was Cubs farm hand in 1993 or 94 or so. The two were reminiscing and determined that Vine Line was their very first interaction.
Also said hi to Ernie Banks, who was milling about with former Yankee and MLB vice president Bob Watson. He looks good. Said “Hey, Vine Line! What are you doing here?” with his trademark smile.
Also spoke to Triple-A Iowa manager Pat Listach, who’s coaching the World Team, for whom Double-A Tennessee catcher Welington Castillo is playing. Both were ecstatic to be at Yankee Stadium.
Bob Sheppard is announcing, so gotta go….when Bob speaks, it’s like Charlton Heston from “The Ten Commandments…”so when Moses speaks, you gotta stand!
Mike Huang

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