After finding the pair of Cubs fans in the farthest reaches of Miller Park, I figured I’d work down a level–you know, for some balance. But as I walked form leftfield to right, I couldn’t help but spot eight blue shirts back in the nosebleeds, the last row behind home plate. Every time I looked up, they wouldn’t stop clapping and chanting.

F-U-K-U-D-O-M-E. It was clear as day even from a hundred yards away.

Vada, Chris, Andy, Stan, Deb, Kim, Steve and Sean–that would be in order from F to E–trekked 4.5 hours from Decorah, Iowa. This was the first time they pulled out their lettered t-shirts, and though they were disappointed when Kosuke didn’t start against left-hander CC Sabathia, they were rewarded when he pinch hit in the top of the seventh.

And they got what they came for, too: Kosuke singled through the right side, stole second base and was plated on a botched double play turn.

More than anything, however, they were eating up the crowd and the significance of this game.

“Brewers-Cubs is way bigger this year. In the past, it’s been pretty meaningless,” Andy said. “We bought our tickets online three months ago before we knew it was going to be like this.”

“But nothing compares to being at Wrigley,” said Stan.

Their dog’s name is Wrigley, and just in case the name could possibly be considered a coincidence, he wears a Cubs collar.

No Fukudome shirt for him … unless maybe they need an exclamation point for next time.

Sean Ahmed

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