Old School

Loyal Vine Line readers will know that I went to school in Milwaukee, a proud 1993 graduate of Marquette University. Yeah, I know, that’s old to most of you younger readers.

But I remember coming to Brewers games at old County Stadium where the rust and chipped paint was as charming and fun as the time-honored tradition of tailgating in the parking lot. It was always cold and I most likely found myself wrapped in three blankets because the only games I saw were in April and May before school got out. Though it was cold, I always have a warm spot in my heart for the Brewers, despite the rivalry.

Well, that’s because my wife’s from Milwaukee, so I have to.

But seriously, today, County Stadium has been replaced by Miller Park, a majestic facility with a butterfly dome where no one has to sit in the cold with three blankets anymore.

It is a packed house. Sean and I are sitting in the third row of the press box (hey, we were late) and there’s not a seat to spare–even in the press box! There are fans young and old, both Cubs and Brewers. And Sean and I are going to offer a vignette every inning of some fans from around the park and asked the question:


Indeed, it has become a pretty good rivalry up and down I-94. The Brewers have improved greatly in the last couple of years, but they’ve always played us pretty tough. To be sure, Cubs/Brewers always had the feeling of the varsity vs the junior varsity, but not anymore.

This is the start of a four-game set–the biggest in the season thus far for both teams. The winner of this series is going to come out of it in first place.

Does that sound cheesy? Ahem, excuse the pun.

 –Mike Huang

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