Section 441

Up in the nosebleeds. That’s where I had to go first in my search for the Cubs fan who couldn’t help but be at the game. That’s where I found Tim Alderson and his girlfriend Rayna Joseph.

They both headed up from Schaumburg, Ill., at about 2 p.m. this afternoon, tailgating outside for an hour before the gates opened. Tim was dressed in Cubs blue Zambrano jersey, and Rayna was wearing a Lee jersey t-shirt. Both shirts were bought in Wrigleyville late last year.

So what made this trip worth it?

“Anytime the Cubs are in first place, you have to go,” Joseph said. “There’s nothing like this run this year. Every team is looking to knock us off right now. But the Cubbies aren’t going to give.”

“It’s loud in here. When D-Lee drove in Soriano in the first inning, you’d think you were in Chicago,” Alderson said. “That’s what makes this a great game to come to: You know you’re going to have Cubs fans in every level of the stadium, louder than Brewers fans.”

As loud as Wrigley?

“Nope, nothing compares to a Soriano bomb at Wrigley in the bottom of the first,” Alderson added.

And just as I type that, Brewers fans erupted after J.J. Hardy slugged a homer to left center off of Ted Lilly. That came right after CC Sabathia got out of a jam in the top of the sixth, thanks to some key defensive help.

OK, make that two homers. Tied at two.

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