Break out the brooms

Thursday, 5:57 PM–Wrigley Field

You could hear it all the way down the hall.

While Jim Edmonds trotted around the bases after he launched his second home run of the day –a grand slam to put the Cubs up 5-0 in the fourth–clapping and cheering could be heard echoing through the front office. Even Cubs general manager Jim Hendry could be heard singing: “Go, Cubs go, Go, Cubs go, hey Chicago whaddya say, the Cubs are gonna win today!”

The team had been scuffling shortly after the All-Star break; the bullpen had struggled and Kerry Wood was placed on the 15-day disabled list; they were 3-4 in the first seven games after the break.

In their last seven games, they’ve gone 5-2 and scored 44 runs and swept the Brewers in Milwaukee just when the Brew Crew were nipping at their heels. But the sweep pushed the Brewers in third place 4.5 games out.

All of this amid the MLB trade deadline, which expired at 3:00 pm EST today. You could cut production down into half as everyone was watching the game. A bunch of front office employees gathered at Harry Caray’s Tavern on Sheffield last night for a happy hour cocktail and to watch the game.

After Sean Marshall’s big 12-6 curveball whiffed Mike Cameron and sealed the victory, a bunch of us were talking about how happy that bus ride probably will be on the way home. But one of managers of security mentioned that most of the players drove up from Chicago. They only player seemingly on the bus? The new guy–rookie Jeff Samardzija. Of course, the coaches, media and media relations and trainers all are on the bus, too. But isn’t it refreshing to hear a rookie–bonus baby or no bonus baby–still will take the bus?

And how bush league were Eric Gagne and Prince Fielder today? Getting ejected at the end of a 11-4 butt whipping is selfish, in my mind. I mentioned in my blog on Monday that the competitive relationship between the Cubs and Brewers often has resembled the Varsity vs the JV. Today’s antics underscored that.

The Cubs might have broken out the brooms today, but to me they could’ve been shovels because they buried the Brewers handily.


–Mike Huang

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