Five Minutes with….Chad Gaudin

It seems that everywhere you turn kids are preparing to go back to school. Every store has school supplies up front at reduced prices. I have to admit, it’s hard to pass by the Trapper Keepers (yes they’re back!) and resist purchasing one. And the smell of fresh crayons is one of my favorites and brings me right back to first grade.

GAUDIN HEADSHOT5.jpgMost colleges resume early next week, followed shortly by elementary schools and high schools. Some Cubs players are even volunteering to ring the first bell of the year at a few of our nearby Chicago Public Schools when they commence.

Thankfully, the summer doesn’t end at Wrigley Field for at least another six weeks. I asked congenial relief pitcher Chad Gaudin what he remembers from his school days in Louisiana and about his habits as a pupil.

VL:  How did you plan for going back to school when you were young?

Chad Gaudin: We usually went to Office Max or Target to get school supplies and that was the actual day that you focus on going back to school within the next week or so. I used to just really try to focus on the week or weekend before going back–like it was the last hurrah.

VL:  What was your strongest subject in school?

CG: Probably Science was my best subject, stuff like Biology that had a lot to do with animals…nothing too theoretical, though.

VL:  What was your weakest?

CG: Any kind of math in general, like geometry. And I had problems with equations.

VL:  Describe yourself as a student. Were you the teacher’s pet or class clown?

CG: I was an average kid who didn’t get into trouble much. I didn’t look for trouble but I wasn’t an angel. Pretty average.

VL:  Any awards come your way?

CG: I actually won an award for reciting a poem in 5th grade. I got a lot of baseball awards and that kind of stuff. I got A’s and B’s. I also got Most Likely to Succeed in Sports.

VL:  What grade did you enjoy most?

CG: I would say my junior year in high school. You are on your way to being a senior, but you still have another year to plan for all the changes.

–Jennifer Dedes Nowak

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