Five minutes with … Daryle Ward

Ward_Daryle4.jpgChicago enjoyed beautiful weather the last few weeks. Even though fall weather brings exciting baseball, we are still hanging on to the final days of the warm season. I asked Daryle Ward to reflect on the highlights of summer as we approach Labor Day weekend.

— Jennifer Dedes Nowak

Vine Line-Online: What’s best on the grill? 

DW: I like barbecued chicken or steak. They are about equal to me.

VL: You’re chasing after the ice cream man? What do you order when you catch up?

DW: It’s been so long since I’ve done that. I like the sundae cone, the Drumstick.

VL: You’re at the beach. What are you doing?

DW: Probably throwing around a football. I don’t play football that much, but at the beach, it’s fun. Once in a while I’ll play volleyball.

VL: What’s the perfect temperature to play baseball in?

DW: 79 degrees. Warm, but just not too hot where it feels like you might pass out.

VL: You’re parched on a scorching summer day. What is the most refreshing beverage?

DW: Definitely an ice-cold glass of lemonade.

VL: Describe your ideal off day.

DW: I love to go to Dave & Buster’s. I can eat, play video games all day and have a cocktail if I want. I try to win a lot of tickets so I can get a prize. I play a lot of skee ball.

Jennifer interviews Cubs players and coaches for “The Buzz” in each edition of Vine Line.

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