Same faces, opposite sides

Soriano, LF
Theriot, SS
Lee, 1B
Ramirez, 3B
Edmonds, CF
DeRosa, 2B
Fukudome, RF
Blanco, C
Harden, RHP

Right-hander Joe Blanton (1-0, 4.03 ERA in the NL) makes his first career start against the Cubs. Blanton and Harden face each other for the first time after spending 2004-08 as teammates in Oakland.

Welcome back, Scott Eyre

After walking onto the field for the 2008 team photo yesterday, Jim Hendry, Crane Kenney, Kerry Wood and several other players shook hands and chatted with Scott Eyre over by home plate. Scott was wearing a gray sleeveless Phillies shirt and shiny red shorts, but otherwise looked like the same friendly guy he was in his two-plus years here.

It’s good to see that Scott has found success with Philadelphia, throwing 7.2 scoreless innings since joining them Aug. 7.

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