Marquis TV

   With fall suddenly upon us, the new television season has begun. In the coming weeks we can expect to see new episodes of shows that have been on summer hiatus, along with a slew of brand-new pilots that will be trying to make it. Now when the Cubs have an off-day, there actually will be something to watch! I asked Jason Marquis what shows he will be tuning in to.

Marquis Jason.jpgVL:
  What TV shows are you looking forward to watching this season?

Jason Marquis: I watch “Vegas.” It’s right up there with my favorite shows. I also record “24” because my wife likes to watch it. I like “That 70’s Show”, too. I will TiVo the reruns so I can watch them before I go to bed.

VL:  What genres of shows do you like?

JM: Comedies and dramas would be my two favorites.

VL:  What are some of your all-time favorite shows?

JM: “Vegas” is definitely one of them and also “Friends.”

VL:  What shows can you watch endless reruns of?

JM: “That 70’s Show” and “Friends.” It’s just easy to watch comedies.

VL:  What show is a guilty pleasure that you don’t want to admit you watch?

JM: “American Idol.”

VL:  What show do your family members watch that you can live without?

JM: “Grey’s Anatomy.” My wife watched it, but I don’t get into that whole soap opera-drama type of show.


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