Marquis performance

When Jason Marquis launched a grand slam over the rightfield wall last night, he became one of several Cubs who have reached personal or team milestones this season. In fact, it marked the second time in as many weeks that we tore up the milestones page in our postseason program … the last being for Carlos Zambrano’s no-hitter, replacing our mention of Milt Pappas being the last one to do it, 36 years ago.

Trivia question: Who was the last Cubs pitcher to hit a grand slam and how many years ago? Check the comments for the answer of whom Jason erased from our upcoming NLDS program.

More from Saturday

Vaughn.jpgVince Vaughn attended Saturday’s game, which ended with that great on-field celebration after the Cubs earned the National League Central championship. If you weren’t aware he was going to be there beforehand, you would have realized as soon as you heard the fans in the Terrace Reserved seating, going from leftfield to behind the plate, cheering wildly as he walked above them.

Vine Line columnist Jen Nowak spoke briefly with Vince and had the following to say:

“I first asked him what he was doing in Chicago. He replied that he lives in Chicago and that he was in town for the team, of course.

I spoke to him after he performed ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame,’ so I asked about what he thinks about his singing voice. He usually thinks its pretty good, he said … until he hears it. Though he did clarify that he doesn’t get nervous.

That’s about all we could discuss before fans swarmed him on the ramp!”

Sean Ahmed

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If you answered Kevin Tapani in 1998, you were correct!

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