Comedy of errors

The crowd was much more energetic tonight. That’s more like it Cubs fans! However, we find ourselves down 6-0 due to a series of uncharacteristic errors by Derrek Lee and Mark DeRosa.

Before the game, over the PA they played the theme song to “Rocky” while Carlos Zambrano warmed up, which was fitting considering the Cubs now have their backs against the wall. It made my the hair on my arms stand on end. 

Fergie Jenkins throws out the first pitch. Have you seen this guy? He looks like he could still get out on the bump and take the ball for six good innings.

Dodgers catcher Russell Martin said that Wrigley Field is a smaller yard than Dodgers Stadium. And so far the Dodgers have played like the “Friendly Confines” were their personal bandbox. He lined a double to right center to clear the bases. Zambrano should have been out of the inning but DeRosa bobbled a sure-fire double play ball, Lee bobbled another, then Rafael Furcal pushed a bunt double that scored a run and kept the bases loaded.

z frustrated.jpgOK, no one needs me to do a play-by-play, for sure. But now when it’s the top of the fifth and we can’t manage more than one hit, when the fans are cheering for a WALK, when Manny Ramirez just hit a bomb to straight-away centerfield onto our “Batter’s Eye” lounge, I’m at a loss of words.

The guys behind me are keeping the faith, saying “Nobody boo them! Keep cheering!”

The lady in front of me says, however, “Done. We are done. It’s last year all over again.”

In the stands I spot a couple of colleagues. Mary Hellmann, wife of home clubhouse manager Tom “Otis” Hellmann, looks nervous.

To his credit, after the errors, Zambrano tried to put the team on his back and get out of the inning with his arm. He reared back, and for nearly six or seven pitches in a row, he hit 95 or 96 on the gun. But when Martin came up and laced that double, the wrong dugout was cheering.

I said last year the reason why I thought things went bad in the NLDS was because we have a lineup of streaky hitters. And when they go cold, they ALL go cold. I’m afraid that is what has happened here. Does anyone out there agree or have a different theory?

And the errors? Ramirez made one last inning, though it didn’t do any damage, and even Soto can’t throw the ball back to the mound, twice yipping it back to Zambrano. I wonder if his hand hurts that bad….

The guy behind me yells when he sees Kosuke Fukudome’s stats for the playoffs flash up on the centerfield digital board: “Kosuke Fukudome .000, 0, 0”.

“Hey, he’s perfect!” The guy yells. “In fact, do we even have a hit?”

I tell him Alfonso Soriano led off the game with a single.

“Oh yeah? It’s been so long, I forgot!” His answer is dripping in sarcasm. He is not happy.

He is not alone. 

–Mike Huang



This is painful to watch. Unbelievable.

It was, indeed. I know it’s hard to look for positives going into Game 3, but our starting pitching depth is superior to the Dodgers, so in a matchup of Harden against Kuroda, it’s easily in our favor. The bats just have to wake up. If there’s a Game 4, Lilly vs Maddux (version 10.08) is also in our favor. Last year we didn’t have that pitching depth, relying on Rich Hill in Game 3. Hill is not Harden.

I agree with prosenivy, we definitely have the pitching advantage now. These guys just have to settle in at the plate and swing some solid bats.

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