Groundhog Day

Well….not much to say. What is there to say? Zambrano pitched a great game, with the exception of the Russell Martin double and Manny Ramirez homer. He was visibly upset in the dugout and clubhouse (Steve Green photo).

Thumbnail image for z sad2.jpg“I’m not surprised we made four errors, I’m shocked,” Zambrano said. “We play good defense, I don’t know how to explain it. All we can do is come back and play harder.”

The four errors the Cubs committed tonight set a NLDS record and sent the team down 2 games to 0.

“It’s difficult. It’s a bad spot to be in [down 2-0]. We haven’t even given ourselves a chance,” said first baseman Derrek Lee. “We didn’t even give Zambrano time to pitch, we were booting the ball all over the place. It’s unfortunate. We work so hard to get here only to put ourselves in a hole.”

Asked whether he thought if this was similar to last year’s stumble, Lee snapped a bit, a first that I’ve ever seen.

Usually the calm, mild-mannered Lee doesn’t snap, but after a game tonight, it’s understandable. “I’m not even thinking about last year. There’s no comparison.”

Outfielder Jim Edmonds tried to put it in perspective.

“I’ve been on teams that have been on both ends of a series like this. But it’s just a game, in the end,” he said. “After we’re done, we go home, back to our families.”

Where do we go from here, Jim?


Notes: Seen around the ballpark was former Cub Ron Coomer, who owns a baseball facility on the far south side called CF Swingtown. It is where current Detroit Tigers centerfielder and TBS commentator Curtis Granderson learned how to hit. The former UIC Flame credits CF Swington for developing his prodigious hitting skills.

–Mike Huang


C’mon Cubbies! I’ve been on pins and needles all year long. I’ve been relishing every win. Every time they broke a record, I was whooping and hollering. I know the odds seem insurmountable to some, but these Cubs have shown extreme perserverance all season long. I know they have the talent and the drive to stroll into Los Angeles and emerge contenders still. Someone please tell the Cubbies that we are all still believers and we always will be! Hey Chicago, whaddya say? The Cubs are gonna win it all!!!

I share your sentiments, dude. I still think we have the advantage in Harden vs Kuroda. Kuroda doesn’t walk many guys, which means he throws strikes. Our guys should be up there hacking and trying to go opposite field.

Thanks for your optimism smitty, you’re right, we need to keep the faith. I’m not giving up yet, even though my mind tells me it’s going to be a painful offseason.

Cubs fan until the day I die.

Harden gets the Cubs a W tonight — one at a time, fellas, come on now.

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