End game

I’m sitting here at the top of the eighth watching a very long season possibly come to a disappointing end. I think even the players think so now. Just looking at the way they walk back to the dugout like Carlos Marmol just did.

I wish I could give all of our readers on the blog and in Vine Line answers to why this happened. I said I thought it would be a low-scoring affair, this playoff series. But I didn’t mean only for the Cubs.

It has been painful watching the Cubs leave eight men on base, 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position.

It was inordinately quiet around the front office this week, perhaps with good reason. We have held out hope that the players would be able to perform better. But it’s getting late. They’ve outhit the Dodgers tonight, but just not at the right times. Derrek Lee just doubled for the second time tonight, but I’m wondering if he’ll touch home tonight.

–Mike Huang

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Well, he did get to touch home! Now, how will our guys react? Will they tack on to that? Stop pressing?

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