Cubs sign speedster Joey Gathright

Looking to bolster the team’s athleticism on the bench, the Cubs today agreed to terms with outfielder Joey Gathright. The Kansas City Royals had non-tendered the 27-year-old last Friday, as he was arbitration-eligible for the first time.

A left-handed hitter, Gathright can burn down the line: He has been officially clocked at 3.3 seconds from home to first on a bunt. Career, he is a .263 hitter in 399 major-league games and has a 74 percent success rate on stolen bases.

Lou Piniella managed Gathright for two seasons, 2004-05, while in Tampa Bay.


If the Cubs want a left-handed bat why dont they go after Mark Teixeira? I know we have Derrek Lee, but maybe we should give him up while he is still healthy and teams would give up a player like Teixeira for Lee. Don’t get me wrong, Derrek Lee is a hell of a vetern leader and deserves all the respect in the world for his professonalism. I’d hate to see him go but maybe it would be best for a championship run in ’09.

I’m always for the Cubs bringing in speed, without a doubt. The unfortunate thing as far as I’m concerned is that with Gathright, chances are we lose Pie. I like Pie, I think he’s just about to come into his own on the major league level and he’d be a shame to lose, just to see him grow into the player the organization has thought he can be, somewhere else.

Prose and Ivy

I can’t wait until next year! I don’t think the Gathright signing helps the Cubs that much. The need a left handed power bat for the middle of the order. Read my Cubs Blog:

how about bringing in ken griffey Jr.

I agree with Ryan. Felix Pie is a good player, and he should have been the future of the Cubs outfield.

all the talk of left-handed bats & outfielders makes me wonder what Fuke is doing this off season to better adapt to American baseball. Is rightfield up for grabs ? Why nothing on him in your mag ?

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