Winter Classic practice day, photos

123108 low rink web.jpg

My fingers have finally thawed enough to type up a post on the Blackhawks practice going on right now. The NHL crowded media members into the first base side of the rink to watch.

You’ll notice that the rink is under some heavy shadows today. After photographing last year’s field reconstruction and this year’s rink construction, I’ve come to appreciate that the sun just doesn’t get high enough behind home plate to spare the field from shadows. Expect the lights to be turned on tomorrow no matter if there’s sun or not.

It looks like the NHL have some neat TV tricks planned for tomorrow. There are red, white and blue cards for most of the seats around the stadium. We’ll have to see tomorrow how exactly they’ll be used.

Check past the jump for some more photos from today.

— Sean Ahmed

123108 practice field web.jpg

Notice some players are wearing masks to keep their faces warm.

123108 hawks practice web.jpg

The Hawks wore their game uniforms for a team photo before changing into vintage practice kits. You can see one of the two video boards adjacent to the leftfield foul pole.

122908 hockey board web.jpg

The auxiliary hockey scoreboard for game time and penalties. What happens if there’s a six-player fight?

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