Winter Classic through the lens of Stephen Green

NHL WINTER CLASSIC 010109 101.jpg

I have been to several different types of events at Wrigley Field: Bears games, Sting soccer games, concerts, numerous corporate events, a wedding, more baseball games than I can count, and now, an NHL Hockey game. Each one was very different and exciting to be at, but all were so special because of the place they were held.

Wrigley is magic no matter what is happening. It is a magical place to be at when there’s nothing scheduled and the stadium is empty, quiet and peaceful. Wrigley is almost bigger than any event itself. Even though our home away from home was transformed into a magical winter wonderland it was still hockey at Wrigley. But what an amazing spectacle it was to photograph and a terrific start to 2009.

— Stephen Green

(More photos published past the jump.)

NHL WINTER CLASSIC 010109 211.jpg

NHL WINTER CLASSIC 010109 235.jpg

NHL WINTER CLASSIC 010109 240.jpg

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