Campfire laughs with Campusano

Campusano clubhouse.jpgWhile I was in Arizona last week, pitcher Ed Campusano (center-right) was asking for pictures with different players. He’s kind of a jokester and is well liked by the Latino players, and there seems to be a gathering of those guys around him all the time.

1000 WORDS LOGO.jpg
And Campusano was just cracking them up, telling jokes. You can see everyone laughing and hanging out. They’re really fond of him.

— Steve Green

Left to right in photo: Welington Castillo, Aramis Ramirez, Ed Campusano, Carlos Marmol


Nice picture. I love the shots by Stephen Green!

Now thats the kind of guys you need on your team to have a great morale like marmol, ramirez, campusano, castillo it just gets the team pumped up. The thing i like its like there acting like true teammates not like some other people throughout the league. Have a great and fun season and cubs if you dont win it this year theres one thing for sure “theres always next”

Yours truly, Jeff good luck and please try to email me back thank you.

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