Serendipity has its moments

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for INSIDE THE IVY LOGO.jpgThere are times when even the best laid plans don’t work out. Then there are times when serendipity serves as a savior.

While I won’t say finding this photo was something so dramatic like rescuing the April issue of Vine Line, but when you’re on deadline, there is a certain sweetness to finding the perfect photo, especially when that photo was impromptu and came together totally by luck.

In putting together our monthly Q&A with Lou Piniella, we always run a photo of something that Lou discussed to accompany the text. He spoke at length about two players in particular, Reed Johnson and Aaron Miles. He also discussed what the team needed to do to perhaps improve on 97 wins.

He said: “You don’t have to improve on 97 wins. You just have to figure out how to stay longer in the postseason. You know, 97 wins is a ton of wins–it was the second-best record in the big-leagues. And what we have to figure out is how to stay longer in the postseason, not how to play better in the regular season.”

97.jpgWell, as it turns out, during my first time at spring training (I leave for the second trip on the 21st–blog with me then!) staff photographer Steve Green and I just happened to be standing on Field 2 at Fitch Park when we heard the clacking of cleats pass behind us. It was Derrek Lee, Johnson and Miles. As the unpacked their gear to take BP, Steve and I continued to talk, when I saw Steve’s head turn.

Here is where having a veteran photographer like Steve is all the difference in the world. (Check out his 1000 Words entry today.)

“Hey, didn’t we win 97 games last year?”

“Yep. Why?”

“Well, look over there.” Steve pointed in the direction of the cage and standing waiting their turn while Lee took his cuts was Johnson and Miles standing next to each other just chatting, with their backs turned to us and their uniform numbers reading “97.” Steve’s camera already was clicking away, the players were oblivious.

“Steve, dude, you are awesome. That’s why you’re the best,” I said, jotting down the entire experience. We got the perfect photo without even trying.

And the funny thing is, if we’re going to win 97 games again, Reed Johnson and Aaron Miles are going to have plenty of say in that.

–Mike Huang

PS. And Vine Line passes on its condolences to Mr. Cub Ernie Banks who lost his mother earlier this week. Our hearts go out to you, No. 14.

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