Inside the Wrigley Field re-sod

FIELD RE-SOD upper.JPGFor those of you that remember last off-season’s intensive field reconstruction, this year’s project is much less intensive. Last year’s reconstruction leveled the crowned infield and installed 6,800 linear feet of pipe as part of a state-of-the-art drainage system.

Thumbnail image for INSIDE THE IVY LOGO.jpgThis year, as part of the agreement to host the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field, the NHL is paying for new sod to be installed. The harsh weather surrounding the event — which reached 60-degree highs and below-zero lows — left the field damaged in some areas. The work started last week and is nearing its completion, though heavy rains briefly delayed work while the bare field had to be covered with the tarp.

Carl Rice, senior director of facility management and information technology, shared some interesting details on this year’s field re-do:

? The sod is a bluegrass from Colorado. It’s trucked in already cut and rolled.


? The old grass was removed and required 30 trucks in all to take off-site.


? Roughly 100,000 square feet of new sod was brought in, and it just replaces the top inch of the field.


? After last year’s work, the field is now sand-based instead of dirt-based. “That’s why the layer underneath the grass looks yellow instead of brown, like your lawn would look at home,” Rice said.


— Sean Ahmed


Workers tamp down sod immediately after a cart rolls it on the ground. Each strip is roughly 15 feet long, and the pieces are currently wedged tightly together before being pressed together.


The drainage system sure is going to help. However are there future plans to have the Winter Classic seeing what it did to the grass this time. I know the D-Back have a monster truck event that they do at Chase every year. Thus they replace the grass every year.


The drainage system already did wonders last year, speeding up rain delays significantly. With the previous, crowned-field system, it could take half an hour or more after it stopped raining to prepare the field. It was a much-needed feature!

As for events, don’t expect to see the Winter Classic here again anytime soon. The NHL rotates that game and has a number of other sites it will likely use first. (Though can any measure up to Wrigley Field’s intimacy that we saw Jan. 1?) In terms of non-baseball events, the Cubs will be hosting three concerts this summer, however, and always take the field into consideration for how they are put on.

— Sean

Does anyone know what will happen to our commemorative brick purchased for placement outside Wrigley Field now that a restaurant is being built in that section ? When will be notified ?



Does anyone know what will happen to our commemorative brick purchased for placement outside Wrigley Field now that a restaurant is being built in that section ? When will we be notified ?


Bob Bennett

Off topic, but I’m looking for some help.
I have a Vine Line-sized poster of Vine Line’s All-Ivy Team. Not sure when it was from. It has 29 players. Sosa and Grace aren’t on it, as they are on the larger poster by the same artist, David Voigt.
I can’t recognize the person to the right of Santo, the one to the Right of Cavarretta, and the three to the right of Billy Williams.
A complete list would be great i\f anyone can help.


I need to know this information as well.

I can help with the three to the right of Williams: Kiki Cuyler, Charlie Grimm & Hippo Vaughn.

I have created a page on my business website in an effort to find these answers. Copy & paste this url into your web browser:

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