Game 2 vs. the Cards

Soriano, LF
Fukudome, CF
Lee, 1B
Hoffpauir, RF
Ramirez, 3B
Soto, C
Fontenot, 2B
Theriot, SS
Zambrano, RHP

Right-hander P.J. Walters will start for the Cardinals, making his major-league debut.

Race to Wrigley … for a good cause!

If you’re attending today’s game, check out the Race to Wrigley booth inside Gate F, underneath the marquee. The fourth-annual 5K takes place Saturday, April 25 at 8 a.m. and includes a run around Wrigleyville and through the ballpark concourse. Racers also get a commemorative performance-management running shirt. Proceeds benefit Chicago Cubs charities.

Come join us! For more details or to sign up, visit


GET RID OF COTTS, period. He is worthless. Bring The “S” man back up from Iowa and just release COTTS. He STINKS

Yeah Cotts stinks, but ARAMIS RAMIREZ is a BEAST!!!! Walk-off HR against the Cardinals!! What’s better than that?? Vineline- Please post a picture of A-Ram being mobbed at home plate on your blog!

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