Brothers in arms

31_MadduxJenkins_cover.jpgIf you’ll be at the ballpark on Sunday, make sure you grab your Scorecard EXTRA early. Check out this sneak peak from our head designer, Juan Castillo. He put together this commemorative scorecard cover for the Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux No. 31 jersey retirement.

Not only will it be a great collector’s item, but there also are some neat stories on the two inside the wrap. The feature article — “A tale of two No. 31s” — illustrates how appropriate it is that Jenkins’ and Maddux’s separate paths will intersect this weekend.

Wrigley fun run

A couple dozen of us from the front office represented the Cubs at Saturday’s Race to Wrigley 5K. Congrats to our community affairs department for selling out the event, with 6,500 participants in all.

Eamonn Prizy, 18, was the fastest male runner (16:10), and Kelly Shuma, 24, led all women. Good weather, great turnout and some fantastic Cubs spirit for an event that will benefit Chicago Cubs Charities.

THERIOT R 042309 01.jpgA flavor for everyone

I was looking through photos from our opening homestand today, and I found this one of Ryan Theriot in front of a new amenity in the Wrigley Field home dugout. No more big orange jug! Though that might make it difficult for the players to do a celebratory Gatorate dump over Lou’s head …

— Sean Ahmed

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In today’s Tribune, Phil Rogers grades Henry’s offseason moves and vindicates mine and all fellow Cubs fans’ thoughts on how confounding and BAD Hendry’s moves have been. I mean any GM that signs a right fielder free agent in consecutive seasons is doing SOMETHING wrong.
And to justify moving the previously signed right fielder (Fukodome) to center field becuause he has GOOD defensive skills doesn’t make him a CENTER FIELDER. Besides, it’s only Hendry’s ineptitude at finding (whether from inside or outside the organization) that created the vacancy in center field to begin with. Rogers makes some astute points regarding DeRosa, Bradley and Marquis. The same points that I and others have expressed in this forum.
My compliments to Phil on his frank commentary regarding a high ranking position in the Cubs management.

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