Fish in water

The Marlins are in town for their one and only visit to Wrigley Field this season. The team will head to Florida at the end of July for the only other series between these two teams this year.

Soriano, LF
Theriot, SS
Fukudome, CF
Lee, 1B
Bradley, RF
Fontenot, 3B
Hill, C
Miles, 2B
Marshall, LHP

Young right-hander Chris Volstad (2-0, 2.70 ERA) pitches for the Marlins.

Game notes from our media relations department

APRIL COMES TO A CLOSE: With a 10-10 mark thus far, the Cubs need a victory tonight to secure their sixth winning April in their last seven seasons dating to 2003 … Chicago was 17-10 at the end of April last season after going 10-14 in 2007 – prior to that the Cubs hadn’t had a sub-.500 record heading into May since 2002 (8-16).

OUTSTANDING OUTFIELD: Cubs outfielders have combined to hit 13 home runs this season, tied with the Brewers and White Sox for the most in all of baseball … Cubs outfielders have also drawn 36 walks this season, fifth in the National League.

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