Night-day vs. the Giants

It will be a quick series played against the Giants in less than 24 hours — tonight’s game at 7:05 p.m. and a 1:20 p.m. game tomorrow afternoon.

Soriano, LF
Theriot, SS
Bradley, RF
Lee, 1B
Ramirez, 3B
Soto, C
Johnson, CF
Miles, 2B
Dempster, RHP

Left-hander Jonathan Sanchez (1-1, 2.60 ERA) will pitch for the Giants.

30 is the new 20

That’s the name of Bobby Scales’ MLBlog, which you should check out for a couple cool posts on Pacific Coast League travel and looking back at some of his early years in the minors. The Cubs selected Scales’ contract from Triple-A Iowa today, placing Carlos Zambrano on the 15-day DL with a hamstring injury.

Fergie and friends

A day after having his No. 31 retired along with Greg Maddux, Fergie Jenkins had a meet and greet over at Harry Caray’s Tavern, across the street from the ballpark. Fergie was promoting the book Dugout Wisdom, a collection of accounts from several Hall of Famers, including Jenkins himself.

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