Wrapping up the homestand

The Cubs will try to make it a 5-1 homestand this afternoon against the Giants. Lou is resting a number of regulars for the game:

Gathright, CF
Miles, SS
Fukudome, RF
Lee, 1B
Hoffpauir, LF
Fontenot, 3B
Scales, 2B
Hill, C
Marshall, LHP

Right-hander Tim Lincecum (2-1, 3.16 ERA) will pitch for the Giants.

Earned pinstripes

Bobby Scales makes his first career start today. I had the opportunity to talk to him earlier about his first call-up to the big leagues, after 10 years and 1,013 games in the minors. He said he’s taking everything one day at a time — knowing that he could be shuttling back and forth between Triple-A Iowa and Chicago. And he said he is up here with the mindset to do absolutely anything the team wants him to do.

As you can imagine, he said being in uniform and the Wrigley Field dugout last night was an unbelievable experience. Today, he gets the chance to help the major-league club win.

Iowa reunion

Right-hander Randy Wells also was in the clubhouse this morning, though he has not officially been called up yet and won’t be in uniform today. He exchanged hugs with Scales and Jeff Samardzija, who has spent parts of this season and last in Des Moines.

— Sean Ahmed

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