Frying the Friars

Nice to get that one in yesterday. It was a power show for a while there. Today marks the last home game against the Padres in 2009.

Soriano, LF
Theriot, SS
Fukudome, RF
Hoffpauir, 1B
Soto, C
Johnson, CF
Scales, 3B
Miles, 2B
Dempster, RHP

Right-hander Chad Gaudin (0-2, 4.08 ERA), released by the Cubs at the end of spring training, pitches for the Padres.


What happened to “View from Aisle 429” in VineLine? I miss reading that column.

Thanks for the question. We discontinued Aisle 429 because we felt we were getting a lot of feedback on our blogs and wanted to foster that participation from our Vine Line subscribers such as yourself. We needed the space to allow our readers to get a taste of our Vine Line blog in the magazine and it made the most sense to be right near our letters page. –Michael Huang

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