Catching up with Kosuke Fukudome

Fukudome blog.JPGEditor’s Note: About every two weeks, Cubs outfielder Kosuke Fukudome updates his diary, which can be found on his website


Fukudome’s interpreter, Hiro Aoyama has been kind enough to translate Kosuke’s thoughts for the Vine Line blog. Enjoy! 

On Tuesday last week, one of the famous actors (from Japan) visited Chicago and brought diapers for my son from Japan (as part of a television show). Since there were so many of them and supposed to last until October, it took a lot of space in my room.

So, we decided to put them into extra storage we have instead of our house until we use them. My son seems to be excited, and my wife was really happy about it since he had some reaction from a diaper we bought in the United States before. We didn’t want our son to struggle with just a diaper.

I havenĻt seen the television show yet, but my friends who watched it in Japan told me that it was good and funny. I am looking forward to seeing it with my family. I appreciate Mr. Hamada, Mr. Daito, and all the staff of “Junk Sports,” which is a title of the television show, for their work and dedication. One of the questions Mr. Hamada asked during the show was ‘What do you do when you are going from city to city?’ I answered, ‘reading a book.’ I am really reading a book everyday.  I thank Mr. Yukio Miyachi for sending me books periodically from Japan to my home in Chicago so that I can enjoy my reading.
It is getting warmer in Chicago little by little, but it is sometimes still a bit cold at night for me. The team has been struggling with injuries, but it is still just a beginning of the season. I am not too worried about it.

I am doing just fine although I have a hitless game from time to time.  My former hitting coach, Mr. Kyosuke Sasaki, is visiting Chicago this week until Sunday. I want him to take a look at my swing and hear his opinion. I have been pretty healthy so far, and I hope that I can keep it up. Swine flu was a fear for everyone last weeks. We should make sure to wash our hands and gargle.
I see you then.

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I wish his blog had an English translation, because the above was cracking me up. It comes off a little formal!

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