1000 Words: Another Reed special

Johnson R 052709 catch.JPG

Johnson R 052709 catch 1.JPG      Johnson R 052709 catch 2.JPG      Johnson R 052709 catch 3.JPG

Reed Johnson’s entangled catch in yesterday’s ballgame (Stephen Green)

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Hes going back nobody thinks he could make the catch, thats what people had in there minds ill admit i didnt think you had a chance to catch the ball but after rethinking it i forgot your a cubs player and cubs players will do anything to catch the ball. Good job and i hope to see you at spring training. If you could email me and think how it was to see the bears get Jay Cutler i think it may be one of the biggest trades so far the bears had in a decade. So please email me about what you think Reed thank you.

Yours truly, Jeff

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