False start

I won’t jinx things by playing weather forecaster today. (No makeup date has yet been announced for last night’s game — it won’t be scheduled during this series, though.)

Same lineup today facing left-hander John Danks for the White Sox. Ryan Dempster will pitch for the Cubs, with Carlos Zambrano being pushed until tomorrow afternoon.


In my opinion the Cubs should put Soriano on EBay and get what they can for him. He is a terrible left fielder, and can’t touch a low outside curve ball. I have been a Cubs fan since I was born 62 years ago, and this season ranks in the top ten in frustration. Let’s play the Iowa Cubs and have a good time…

im glad im not the only one who hate Soriano

Yeah, but when he gets hot (which he will) he can carry the team. AND he had the winning hit against the White Sox today. Lay off the hating.

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