Men in blue

Blue man 2.jpg

The Blue Man Group visited Wrigley Field yesterday, and Cubs team photographer Stephen Green caught the curious trio in action. Their regular show is at Chicago’s Brirar Street Theatre, just a few blocks south of Wrigley Field.

Mike Fontenot and Ryan Theriot first showed them how to take the field … and then the Blue Men took off with it. The photos will be featured as part of a Chicago Tribune advertisement and to be used in online galleries. Here’s Steve on the shoot:

“Theriot loved it. He really started getting into suggesting some poses. The Blue Man Group were so excited that they — well, they had to express their excitement through gesture because they couldn’t talk. I shot them insidethe dugout, laying on top of it, around the batting cage. It was great, one of the most fun shoots I’ve been a part of.” 

Blue man 1.jpg

Blue man 3.jpg

Blue man 4.jpg

Blue man 5.jpg


This could only be topped by there being VIDEO of all this going on. I’m cracking up at these photos!

These are HYSTERICAL!!!! haha. Not gonna lie, I cracked up. GOOD JOB VINELINE!!!
Jenna (Thunder)

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