Firsts and firsts

Theriot, SS
Bradley, RF
Lee, 1B
Fox, 3B
Fukudome, CF
Soriano, LF
Baker, 2B
Hill, C
Samardzija, RHP

Right-hander Pedro Martinez pitches for the Phillies, making his first appearance of 2009.

What beats that? Jeff Samardzija is making his first career start — and we hope the first of many.

I am Sam

I followed Sam Fuld into the ballpark this afternoon and was amused when he was stopped at the gate for his ID. Sam is about average height and, while strong, looks inconspicuous for a professional athlete, especially when wearing plain clothes.

He started to pull out his driver’s license when I backed him up to the guard. “They’ll recognize you soon enough,” I told him with a laugh. And I think Cubs fans already do.

— Sean Ahmed

1 Comment

Great anecdote about Sam Fuld. Tim Lincecum keeps having the same problem; Fuld’s in fine company😉

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