Does this mean spring is almost here?


Well, not quite, but Cubs fans can get a head start on their planning for 2010 spring training with the full game schedule announced today.

The Cubs will be playing 15 home games and 18 road games in Arizona starting on March 4 against the Athletics. The final two games of the exhibition schedule (April 2-3) will be against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field.

Individual game tickets for home spring training games at HoHoKam Park in Mesa, Ariz., will go on sale Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 10 a.m. CST. You can purchase them online at or by calling (800) 905-3315.

Season tickets go on sale Monday, Jan. 4 at 10 a.m. CST and can be purchased by calling (480) 964-4467. Group tickets can be purchased the next morning by using the same number.

If you have any additional questions, contact our friends down in Mesa directly: Or you can call the HoHoKam Park information line at (480) 644-4451.

Read on for the full spring training schedule.

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DATE                                              OPPONENT                                           SITE

Thursday, March 4                         Oakland Athletics                                  Mesa

Friday, March 5                              Arizona Diamondbacks                         Mesa

Saturday, March 6                          Chicago White Sox                                 Mesa

Sunday, March 7                             Los Angeles Dodgers (ss)                   Mesa

                                                        Chicago White Sox (ss)                         Glendale

Monday, March 8                           Oakland Athletics                                  Phoenix

Tuesday, March 9                           Milwaukee Brewers                                Mesa

Wednesday, March 10                   San Francisco Giants                             Mesa

Thursday, March 11                       San Diego Padres                                  Peoria

Friday, March 12                            Milwaukee Brewers (ss)                        Maryvale

                                                        Chicago White Sox (ss)                         Las Vegas (TBD)

Saturday, March 13                        Cincinnati Reds (ss)                              Mesa

                                                        Chicago White Sox (ss)                         Las Vegas (TBD)

Sunday, March 14                           Los Angeles Angels                              Tempe

Monday, March 15                         Colorado Rockies                                  Tucson (1:10 p.m.)

Tuesday, March 16                         Texas Rangers                                       Mesa

Wednesday, March 17                   OFF DAY                                                

Thursday, March 18                       Los Angeles Dodgers                           Glendale

Friday, March 19                            Chicago White Sox                                 Glendale

Saturday, March 20                        Kansas City Royals (ss)                        Mesa

                                                        Oakland Athletics (ss)                           Phoenix

Sunday, March 21                           Cincinnati Reds                                      Goodyear

Monday, March 22                         Cleveland Indians                                  Mesa

Tuesday, March 23                         Kansas City Royals                               Surprise

Wednesday, March 24                   Texas Rangers                                       Surprise

Thursday, March 25                       Arizona Diamondbacks                         Tucson

Friday, March 26                            Oakland Athletics                                  Mesa

Saturday, March 27                        San Diego Padres                                  Mesa

Sunday, March 28                           Seattle Mariners                                     Peoria

Monday, March 29                         Cincinnati Reds                                      Mesa

Tuesday, March 30                         San Francisco Giants                             Scottsdale

Wednesday, March 31                   Los Angeles Angels (ss)                       Mesa

                                                        Milwaukee Brewers (ss)                        Maryvale

Thursday, April 1                           Colorado Rockies                                  Mesa

Friday, April 2                                Arizona Diamondbacks                         Phoenix, Chase Field (TBD)

Saturday, April 3                            Arizona Diamondbacks                         Phoenix, Chase Field (TBD)

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I was at your last 4 games in Mesa and, while it wasn’t Wrigley, we had a great time. After waiting so long in the off-season we were all jonesing for some hardball with our Cubbies. It’s only December and I can’t wait until Spring again!

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