Ricketts family welcomes Cubs fans at Wrigley Field


Lucky wristband No. 3300 started the box office line at Wrigley Field today, and I imagine thousands more of you are sitting in the comfort of your home or office snapping up seats right now.

Tom, Laura and Todd Ricketts served coffee and greeted fans as they waited through the frigid cold to snap up those last tickets to Opening Day and series against the White Sox and Cardinals.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for INSIDE THE IVY LOGO.jpgThe Ricketts family shook hands and talked to fans for over an hour — and they’re in the same boat as us. 

“Hey, we’re getting closer,” Tom Ricketts said. “Opening Day is just around the corner. It’s very, very exciting.

“It’s great to meet the fans because we are fans,” he added. “It’s really natural for us to come out and shake hands and talk to people. The best part of all of that is everyone is just very excited. Everybody just wants to get to the season.”

Though fans were briskly ushered through the Wrigley Field concourse, Tom said he is excited for fans to see the extensive renovations of Wrigely Field.

IMG_0702.JPG“We’re doing a lot. Everything we could identify that could be done by Opening Day we really attacked. The best thing is I want to talk to people after they’ve had a chance to see a few games and hope they feel that the changes have been worthwhile. That’s what I’m most excited about.”

Well, I guess we should start the countdown to the home opener: 52 days.

— Sean Ahmed

Photos by Jennifer Dedes Nowak. Subscribe to Vine Line.

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I think it would have been cool if the Ricketts gave me Dunkin Donuts while I sat in the Virtual Waiting Room.

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