Just taking in a little playoff hockey

Cubs Blackhawks game.jpg

Thanks to our friends at the Blackhawks who sent us this photo of Chicago Cubs players taking in Game 1 of the NHL playoffs first round last Friday. Each player is wearing a custom jersey, complete with nicknames, personalized for them. Can you identify every player?

Good luck to the Hawks tonight as they head to Nashville for Game 3.

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Bwahaha! I think I got them all, except for the two dudes to the left of Lee and Soto (is the top one Berg?), and the one between Samardzija and Marmol. Can anyone offer some help?

2007win, you have Justin Berg correct … anyone else want to give it a shot before we reveal the other two players?

Oh, does the dude between Marmol and Shark happen to be James Russell?

Oooooh, let’s see, I think the player behind Samardzija is Jeff Gray…

Russell and Gray are correct! That was some fun. We’ll keep posting new photography and see what everyone can come up with.

Thanks for posting the picture, that was fun identifying everyone!

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