Vine Line Sweepstakes Survey Winner: Don Quinones

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for INSIDE THE IVY LOGO.jpgOne would be hard-pressed to find a contestant happier to win the Vine Line Sweepstakes Survey than Don Quinones. The 51-year-old resident of Havana, Ill. faxed in the survey that was randomly selected from a collection of over 500 people.

He is now the owner of a game-used Ted Lilly duffle bag packed with Cubs gifts.

“It was awesome,” Quinones said. “I can’t wait to take it to work and show everybody.”

VL SURVEY SWEEPSTAKES 06small.JPGQuinones (right), a pharmacist and partial season-ticket holder, received his prize prior to the Cubs’ Aug. 2 game versus the Milwaukee Brewers.

He also got to step out onto Wrigley Field for the first time.

Quinones makes the trip up to Wrigley from Havana, which is south of Peoria in central Illinois, for four or five games per year. The rest of his season-ticket share goes to others in his community–the post-prom committee; those putting on benefit auctions; and less fortunate individuals, such as cancer patients.

His tickets aren’t the only possession of Quinones’ going to good use, though. He’s got big, but practical, plans for the Lilly bag.

“I think I’m going to use it quite a bit,” Quinones said, referring to his short trips north for Cubs games. “I would pack my stuff in it. Something like that would be perfect.”

–Joe O’Donnell



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