Scorecard EXTRA preview: Cubs vs. Padres–Wednesday, Aug. 18

Christina Kahrl of Baseball Prospectus introduces the Padres pitching staff that had its way with the Cubs Tuesday night in August’s Scorecard EXTRA, available at every Cubs home game: 


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Scorecard cover--Marshall.jpg 

PITCHING: 3.44 Fair RA (first in MLB)

Because the Padres arguably have no single pitcher racking up big numbers, it’s easy to lose sight of their team-wide strengths. They’re the toughest team to hit against: They lead the NL in strikeout percentage, punching out 21 percent of opposing batters, and also profit from a league-best defense. Their 2.89 bullpen FRA reflects a seven-deep spread of effective ‘pen men, headlined by closer Heath Bell. Setup man Luke Gregerson and Mike Adams provide a reminder of how top relievers can be near-everyday impact players in their own right.


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