1000 Words: Farewell, Lou


Going into the books as one of baseball’s all-time great managers, Lou Piniella said farewell to Wrigley Field and to the baseball dugout yesterday. Piniella had intended to retire from managing after the season, but his mother’s recent health issues convinced him the appropriate time had come.

1000 WORDS LOGO.jpgFans gave Piniella numerous standing ovations, including one as he exchanged lineup cards with Braves legend Bobby Cox before the game. Cubs team photographer Stephen Green was in the huddle to capture the emotional moment.

For more views straight from the lens of Stephen Green, check out our photo galleries at cubs.com/vineline and subscribe to Vine Line today.

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Well folks, one of the best of all time is gone from the game…and so am I. I know, this sounds bad. I won’t be missed form the Cub’s faithful for one second. I’m just tired of getting kicked in the teeth. I’ve wearing the colors since 1976. Seen a dozen winning seasons and no true playoff run. When they traded Derosa and Johnson last year and brought in Bradly…? Really…Bradly? Then they let Font and Theroit AND Lee go….when the organization obviously runs up the white flag, so do I. I don’t care how many great prospects you get, they are still prospects. I have lived in Colorado for 15 years and still defended the Cubbies. Sat in Coors Field and chanted Lets Go Cubbies right along with the faithful. I have only worn 1 other major league teams colors, and only for a day (Mom’s misguided b’day gift, what ya gonna do?) in my entire life. Now I think this will change. I have 3-4 jerseys, 2 dozen T’s, a dozen hats and a Harry Carey patch I’ll put in storage. Ended my Vineline and will look at the Rockies as my new club. Maybe it will be the Dodgers…(Never the Cards, I’m not that far gone!) Good Luck Bleacher Bums, Die Hards, True Blue Faithful….Love the Cubs, But if the owners don’t care why should I?

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