Alternative transportation

Wrigley Field Road Tour illustration by Jerry Neumann

Illustration by Jerry Neumann. Featured in the upcoming June 2011 issue of Vine Line (subscribe).

The Cubs-Brewers rivalry may be best known for the highway—Interstate 94—that connects Chicago and Milwaukee. But Cubs board member Todd Ricketts is out to prove once again that the scenic route is the one worth traveling.

The second annual Wrigley Field Road Tour departs Aug. 27, 2011, and on May 12, Ricketts led a crew of brightly clad cyclists to the Friendly Confines to promote the event, benefitting Chicago Cubs Charities and World Bicycle Relief (WBR).

Ricketts, who had just returned from WBR operations in the Republic of Zambia, described the power two wheels provided for a 9-year-old girl.

“Before, when she was walking [to school], she’d have to leave in the dark, and she’d be coming home in the dark,” Ricketts told Len Kasper and Bob Brenly on air. “So this is going to be nice for her to be able to stay home, wait for the daylight to come [and still] get to school in a timely manner.”

Wrigley Field Road Tour logoAs for the 100-mile tour, the $300 cost includes a $225 donation and a $75 registration fee that covers riding equipment, a ticket to the Cubs-Brewers game and return transportation. Last year’s top fund-raiser, Alex Grant, received a custom-built bike, worth $10,000 at retail, and front-row tickets. All told, $125,000 was raised.

“[The distance] does sound like a lot,” Ricketts said, “but once you get on your bike and start pedaling, you realize that 100 miles is very doable for any person with average conditioning….”

“That’s where you lost me,” Brenly said.

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