Wishing one of our own a speedy recovery

Marlon Byrd and Matt Garza

Marlon Byrd is greeted by Matt Garza at the Cubs dugout. (Photo by Stephen Green)

The entire Cubs family wishes Marlon Byrd the best in his recovery from facial fractures suffered in Saturday night’s game at Fenway Park. Byrd was struck on his left eye by a fastball and was taken immediately to a local hospital. Cubs media relations passes on word that the outfielder, who was seen in the clubhouse after last night’s game with his eye swollen shut, will be evaluated in Chicago throughout the week. The team has put him on the 15-day disabled list.

We hope you’ll leave your well wishes here or on Byrd’s MLBlog, The Byrd’s Nest. The Cubs’ front office Twitter feed, @CubsInsider, sent along the following message yesterday:

#Cubs fans: Marlon Byrd wants to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers in the past couple days.
5/22/11 10:44 PM

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