DJ LeMahieu’s big-league introduction

While DJ LeMahieu wasn’t truly called up to Chicago until Monday, he got his first taste of the big leagues back in January, as a part of the Cubs Caravan and Cubs Convention. Vine Line trailed the 2009 second-round pick through a chilly week and published his first-hand experience this past March. The following are a few tidbits from that Cubs Crossover story.

DJ LeMahieu at Cubs Caravan 2011

“Obviously it’s fun when people recognize you, but being around some of the big-league guys in Arizona and in Chicago, you kind of get a taste of how they live and what they go through. That comes with being a ballplayer, and it’s something I look forward to.”

DJ LeMahieu at Cubs Caravan 2

“We did a Q&A session at a music and arts school. They did a presentation for us and sang some songs. You were once in their shoes as a kid, and now I’m in the Cubs organization playing professional baseball. It was great to see how excited they were when Cubs players come see them.”

DJ LeMahieu on Cubs Convention Down on the Farm panel

“I did the Sunday panel ‘Down on the Farm,’ about minor-leaguers. During the Q&A session I was really surprised. The questions that were being asked were unbelievable. The knowledge of the fans was remarkable. They were throwing around numbers and stats I had no clue about. It just shows you the passion of these fans and how smart Cubs fans are and how much they love the team.”

DJ LeMahieu at Cubs Convention Opening Ceremonies

“The convention gave me my first taste of really being a part of the Chicago Cubs organization, and that motivates me. It makes me want to work harder and harder to be a part of the big-league club and the Cubs nation. But it also makes me realize that playing in Chicago, playing at Wrigley Field, you’re playing for something bigger than yourself. And that’s pretty cool.”

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