Get to know: Reed Johnson

Condensed from a Vine Line interview by Jordan Ramos, outfielder Reed Johnson talks about his approach to defense and those renowned catches that result. (Photo by Stephen Green)

HUMAN TARGET I think a lot of it is being too slow to get out of the way. I stand right on top of the plate, and I know scouting reports out there are going to—those guys are going to try to pitch me in, especially late in the count. So that kind of bodes well for getting hit by a pitch. Which is fine with me: I’m more the leadoff-type guy, and getting on base is important for me as well.

SUPERMAN IN THE OUTFIELD It’s just, I guess, more instinct than anything. I feel like there are some days where your legs feel good and you just feel like anything that goes up in the air you can catch.

MY FAVORITE CATCH I think the one in Milwaukee with Prince Fielder [April 12, 2009], and the one in Washington [April 25, 2008] was special but we ended up losing that game. So I think the one with Prince Fielder was special: It would have ended up being a grand slam, which would’ve either, I think, tied the game or given them the lead at the time, and we went on to win the game by three runs. It meant a lot. Any time you can have a direct impact, especially defensively, on a game, it really means a lot.

BLEACHER BUMS I think they’re just so knowledgeable of the game. They appreciate hard work, they appreciate good defense, and they obviously appreciate the offense as well. You’re going in there and taking good at-bats, you hit a home run and you go out there the next inning for defense, and you’re going to get rewarded by them for sure.

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