Still for love of Santo

Straight from the August issue of Vine Line, Pat Hughes talked to Vine Line about the inspiration he, and many others, drew from the late Cubs great.

Vine Line: You’re planning on recording a Ron Santo edition of your audio series, Baseball Voices (for Thanksgiving release). What makes him a great broadcaster to include?

Pat Hughes: Well, it’s not so much that he was a great broadcaster, but he was entertaining. The humor, the fun, the laughter, that’s mainly the attraction for putting this one together. People will find it enormously entertaining; they’ll want to play this over and over again. I laugh like crazy just when I hear these things, and I’ve heard them a hundred times already! So it’s basically entertainment; it’s fun, it’s laughter, it’s the way he would want to be remembered. This is not going to be Ron Santo: The Ballplayer, it’s not going to be so much Ron Santo: The Diabetes Spokesman, this is going to be Ronnie: The Broadcaster Who Made Us Laugh.

VL: As a longtime broadcaster and a student of the trade, what did you learn from Ronnie?

PH: I think I learned to laugh at myself—that’s the best thing he taught me. Learn to laugh at yourself, because when you laugh at yourself then you can laugh at others, and everyone has fun. And that’s a very valuable thing to learn. Don’t take yourself too seriously, life really is short. You should have fun. It’s OK if others have fun at my expense. I didn’t used to like that, but now I say, “What the hell, if you want to laugh at me or with me, it doesn’t even matter.”  As long as you’re having fun because of me, that’s all I really care about.

Don’t forget: Ron Santo Day is Wednesday, Aug. 10.

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