Get to know: Infielder DJ LeMahieu

The 79th-overall pick in 2009, infielder DJ LeMahieu has impressed scouts with his hit tool and ability to play multiple positions in the field. Vine Line asked him about his approach to developing power—projected with his 6-foot-4 frame—and wanting to build a winner in the major leagues. It’s an exclusive look at the player development in the Cubs organization. Subscribe to Vine Line to read more from LeMahieu’s interview and everything from minors to majors. (Photo by Stephen Green)

THE RIGHT APPROACH I just work on getting hits. As long as I’ve played this game, I’ve always gotten hits. It’s something that hopefully will never leave me. In the meantime, maybe I’ll hit for a little more power. But I think that’s something that’s going to come, and it’s something I’m working on. Just as long as I’m getting hits, driving guys in, getting some good hits, some clutch hits for the team, I’m not worried about it.

POWER SEARCH Every coach I’ve ever worked with coming up through the system has been like, “Hey, we don’t want to change you; we just want to adjust this a little bit so you can find a bit more power.” Obviously I talk about it all the time, I work with Rudy [Jaramillo, hitting coach], I worked with all the guys coming up.

BUILDING FROM WITHIN It’s the feeling that, hey, when we meet up there [in Chicago], we really want to make a big impact. Obviously, everybody wants to win. And I think everybody knows how exciting it will be when this team gets on a roll. You know, even some of the older guys up here, like Geovany Soto and [Sean] Marshall, say this place is the best place to be when the team wins and makes the playoffs. I think when you hear that, it gets you motivated. It’s fun already, but when we start winning it’s going to be unbelievable.

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