Tidbits from the Ricketts Family Forum


Picking up the Ricketts family’s meeting with fans in progress, here are some snippets of what Tom, Laura, Pete and Todd are saying to fans.

2:28 – Tom says the team knows what it wants to do with the ballpark, and they’re really looking to make progress this year in getting the funding done. The three goals remain to win a World Series (above all), be a good neighbor in the extended community and to preserve Wrigley Field, where the family is now looking to focus with Theo, Jed, Jason and co. in place.

2:24 – A couple great ideas to honor Santo. One is to collect money for JDRF with boxes around the ballpark. Another is to place No. 10 on the press box, though Tom suggests that would conflict with the planned bust of Len Kasper. “That’s OK, Tom,” Kasper replies.

2:20 – The team is “in no way right now” looking for an expansion in night games. They would like to explore with the neighborhood some more leniency in being able to have Friday night games when the team returns from a road trip so that the Cubs are not at a disadvantage.

2:15 – Regarding the infamous quote about not hiring a “baseball guy to watch his baseball guy,” Tom explains that at the time that was said, it was important to preserve accountability for the front office. But when he was looking for a new GM, he had read that Theo would consider a move up to a president-type role, thus putting it back on the table when the Ricketts had identified him as their target. He said it also has had the added benefit of being able to also bring in someone like Jed Hoyer.

2:12 – Tom explains that the purchase of the McDonald’s lot across from Wrigley Field is partly borne out of the fact that the team has not in the past done a good job of looking at real estate opportunities around the ballpark. He says to look out for some cool merchandise stuff there this coming year.

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