Vote for the all-time best Cubs roster

Dawson or Sosa? Sutter or Smith? Grace or Lee? Friends have waged verbal wars over questions like this for years. But now the debates can be put to rest. For the July All-Star issue, Vine Line is letting you determine the All-Time best Cubs roster. Vote for who you think the best Cubs players were, position by position, and the results will be featured in July’s issue of Vine Line.


Hard to compare the modern players with the old timers!

you always get skewed results with these.. most people dont know players like Tinker, Evers, Chance, Brown, etc because they were from so long ago

I have to agree with you, like most people will probaly pick Sandberg for 2nd Base when Billy Herman was probaly a better overall player. What Im curious to see is how many people vote for Sammy Sosa.

I know what you mean. Everybody will probaly vote for Sandberg at 2nd Base when you can make a good case that Billy Herman was the best 2nd Baseman in Cubs history. And a lot of people will vote for Maddux even though he had his greatest years with Atlanta. The one Im curious about is Sammy Sosa, I wonder how many people will vote for him.

I have to admit that I had to look up Billy Herman’s stats to compare him to Ryno, but I can not believe that anyone who is a current Cubs fan who may have knowledge of Herman’s game would not have also seen all of Sandberg’s career and recognize his contributions. Sandberg’s is an all-time Cub. No question. Total package. 10 time all-star, 9 time gold glove, and even a 7 time silver slugger. Oh, also, how about NL MVP and a Hall of Famer?
And on top of his stats, this man bleeds Cubs blue. I remember watching his first retirement live in 1994, mid-season. He retired because he felt he could not play at a level that he and his fans expected of him. He could have kept playing and phoning it in to keep collecting millions of dollars, but he did not. I was crushed not to see him playing after that but that decision and his years of devotion to the Cubs prior continue to reinforce to me why he is my all-time favorite Cub. On top of his playing career, we are talking about a man who spent several years serving his dues in the minor leagues managing the next generation of Cubs all to try to get his shot to manage the Cubs. He has moved into the Phillies org because his shot to the majors with the Cubs seems to have been blocked, but I can’t fault him for that. Hands down… Ryno.

That was fun. Cant wait to see the results

The all time best announcer was Jack Quinlan, but was killed at spring training when he was run over crossing a street if I remember correctly. Bert Wilson was a close second in my opinion. Most of you are too young to remember them.

go Cubs GO!!!! and the BEST announcer goes to the GREAT Harry Carry

I would take Jack Brickhouse, then Steve Stone or Ron Santo, with honorable mentions to Vince Lloyd and Lou Boudreau.

I can’t believe they didn’t have an option for Rodgers Hornsby. He played the second half of his career with the Cubs. He’s an all time all star at second

Hard to pick between 3 fingers and Maddux but since I named my 4 year old maddox,I went with big Greg

What, no kids named 3 Finger? lol

I think its probaly because Hornsby only had one really great season with the Cubs, the last 3 years he was with them he was injured most of the time and his numbers really went into a decline.

Sandberg is one of the greatest

I have been a cubs fan since the early 70s and they have had alot of good pitchers come and go but never the money to keep them like(Gregg Maddox)I really did like Mark Pryor until he fell off with shoulder problems,he reminded me alot of Gregg Maddox(Ted Lily)Rick and Paul Russell(Dennis Eckersley)(goose Gossage)Bruce Sutter(Lee Smith)You have to give it up for Ryan Dempster for being able to back as a good starting picture.(Rick Sutcliff)They put Shawn Duston in the shortstop pick but nothing about( Ivan DeJesus)second basemen like( Manny Trio)although Ryan Sandberg would be my pick.My thing is the cubs need to find a way to keep such pictures and they would probably win alot more games.The cubs really need to get Gregg Maddox as their pitching coach with trying to go through their farms for young pitchers.

best broadcaster tv– jack brickhouse radio– jack quinlan
best pinch hitter– harry chiti
best baserunner– dunston

Jose Cardinal…What about Jose? A great ball player AND entertainer! The 70s. That’s when the Cubs were the best!

I loved Jose, unfortunately he played right field, which is probaly the hardest position to pick one player.

Should have had Leon Durham as a choice for 1st Base!!!!

Some tough choices

sammy sosa can hit the ball a long away

Should have had Ernie Banks for 1st Base. Wrote him in. Ron Santo at 3rd Base. And why is Sosa even mentioned. Should be interesting for the final results.

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All I will say is that the “Hawk”, Andre Dawson BETTER win at RF instead of that cheating jackass called, Sosa!!

All I will say is that the “Hawk”, Andre Dawson BETTER win at the RF position instead of that cheating Jackass named, Sosa!!!!!

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