Cast your vote for the best of 2012

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Santo’s induction? Rizzo’s walk-off? Kerry’s farewell? Even though this season has been a struggle in the standings, there’s been no shortage of memorable Cubs highlights. Which events from the 2012 season made you stand up and take notice? This month, Vine Line is letting you decide on the best of 2012. Cast your vote and see the results in the October issue.


Can’t wait till for the future of the Cubs! It’s looking good!

Hands down … Ron Santo HOF Induction.

I am worried about the Cubs future. There are too many holes to fill with what we have in the system. Pitching looks very bleak, Too many 1 and 2 run games means that the hitting sucks. I wish I had an answer but it sure looks like Pittsburgh in Chicago.


The only regret I have is that Ron Santo was not here to receive his Hall of Fame award. It is a real shame.

With the results of this year’s Cubs, I’m disheartened, especially with #10’s Induction into the Hall of Fame. We need to “be a major league team” period.

Ronny’s Being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame is hands down #one!!!

I feel pretty good about the future. They arent going to win this year, maybe not next year, but they are building something here finally. By 2015 they should be awesome!

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