The Cubs Remember 9/11

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(Photos by Stephen Green)

On September 27, 2001, baseball returned to Wrigley Field after the tragedy of 9/11. To commemorate the occasion, the Stars and Stripes were flown all over Wrigley Field, and the Cubs front office placed a small American flag in every seat. The emotional pregame ceremony included the Chicago Police Department Emerald Society performing “Amazing Grace” and “America the Beautiful.” The Cubs and Astros lined up on the field with police officers and firefighters, and team captain Joe Girardi delivered a short address to the crowd.

“I will never forget that day,” Girardi told Vine Line in September 2011. “I had so many emotions going through my head when I addressed the fans. You try to be strong, but I was thinking about all that New Yorkers had gone through. More than that, I was really thinking about all the children who had lost parents on 9/11. It was a hard say, and it was difficult to play a baseball game. But I also felt a sense of pride in that our country was resilient enough that we were back on the field. People were enjoying the national pastime in every city, and that proved that we could not be defeated.”

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